East Timor: The Hidden Pleasures of Baucau

Baucau suffered greatly in the past as most of the town was destroyed during the retreat of Indonesians from the country. Nevertheless, Baucau still exudes a small-town colonial charm and it’s a great place to stay for a few days while enjoying local architecture and quaint atmosphere. The choice of accommodations is wide ranging from small hotels to more luxurious places. will help you find the best place to spend the night as you stay in this lovely East-Timorian town.

Things to see

Apart from elegant colonial architecture that can be found here and there all over the town, you can enjoy the local beach as well. Bacau itself is the second largest town in the country, but still you won’t find too many visitors hanging out on the beach, especially on weekdays. The beach itself is a long strip of sparkling white sand with azure water – it’s a real delight for the eyes! Most people don’t know that the official symbol of East Timor is the crocodile and locals in Baucau insist that there are two crocodiles living on the beach. Yet there were no reports from travelers about those creatures roaming the beach, so they are either gone or simply hide from spectators. The other beaches include Osolata and Bondura. Next head to the St. Anthony’s Cathedral and marvel at its graceful structure. While the building is quite empty during weekdays, if you head to the cathedral on Sunday, you’ll be surprised to see that it’s packed with people. Churches are not as popular as they used to be in Europe, but here, in East Timor, people still frequent them. You can also listen to the mass performed in the local language -Tetum. The Old Town of Baucau is a strange mix of newly built structures and remnants of the Portuguese era with some Indonesian buildings here and there. The town has been through a lot and you can see it in the rampaged structures that can still be found in Baucau. Yet there are also beautiful places like Health Park and Conservation Building that hint at just how majestic the town looked back in the day when all the colonial architecture was still intact. Despite the quirky town’s architecture, Baucau exudes a lively spirit. Head to Arte Mores and explore its exhibitions. It’s an inspirational art project that helps young artists develop their skills and create modern art. The place also has art classes for everyone who’s interested. There are plenty of places to dine in Baucau and make sure you check out the café in the very heart of the Old Town. Victoria Cafe Baucau offers both Indonesian and Portuguese cuisine. It’s located in a beautiful colonial building overlooking the city and is a great place to spend a few hours in the afternoon. Restaurante Amalia has amazing sea views and a splendid terrace where you can relax in a shady spot. There’s a variety of Portuguese meals (like the famous coffee beef) and lots of refreshments.

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