Top Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Tourists and visitors alike are often captivated by the fascinating tourist attractions in Vietnam. The vibrant tourism industry has evolved and witnessed significant growth in Vietnam. Vietnam’s somewhat cavalier attitude hides all the fun and excitement and can only be discovered when explored. Vietnam guarantees fun till the very last second of your stay. There are a number of tour operators that offer captivating tours and travel packages as well.

Vietnam presents a myriad of sightseeing opportunities and attractions. Among these features are the tranquil villages, serene lakes, ancient pagodas, stunning landscape and the beautiful lakes which most especially holds visitors spellbound. History lovers will find this beautiful country entertaining and rewarding. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An are top cities considered a major tourist favourite in Vietnam.

Vietnam sightseeing often allows visitors to appreciate the religious and cultural traditions. Some of these places include the royal tombs, palaces, temple and terrific architecture. Dien Bien Phu, C? Loa citadel, Hoa Lo prison, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and Ba Dinh square and Quang Tri are some of the must visit places for tourists in Vietnam.

There is never a shortage of activities or things to keep you entertained while in Vietnam. Shopping enthusiasts will be attracted to the numerous shopping arcades available. The markets may not be as sophisticated as it is in London or New York but they stand out in their own unique way. The alluring souvenirs are so traditional that you cannot resist the urge to get one. Vietnamese also offers a wide range of handicrafts such as the lacquer which will surely get you drooling. The jewellery on display is astonishingly elegant and affordable that you would have your shopping bags filled with them in no time.

Vietnam does not disappoint when it comes to entertainment either, the city beams with life at night. Nightlife in Vietnam is captivating and colourful. Tourist guides will educate you more about the bubbling Vietnamese night life. Bars, clubs, discos and pools are common entertainment hubs in Vietnam. Even remote regions like Sapa are not left out of the fun, as Karaoke bars help keeps the entertainment going.

Bars and nightclubs are abundant in Ho Chin Minh city, Vietnam. Apocalypse Now, Q Bar, Underground Bar and Grill and Carmen Bar are among some of the popular nightclubs you can find here. The city of Trang also booms with nightclubs and bars too. During your stay in Vietnam, you need not worry after dusk sets in because Vietnam has got you covered. The country’s bars and nightclubs are there to make sure revelers get the most of their time.

One of the most requested sights people ask for when embarking on Vietnam tours is the rural experience. When you embark on a tour of Vietnam, you will be delighted to see children playing alongside farm animals, as well as the stunning architectures along the mountainous country landscape. Vietnam promises a fulfilling holiday experience, especially to those looking for unrivalled fun and entertainment.

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