Asia is an interesting destination you should consider for a vacation. With the recent establishment of casino driven integrated resorts and its beautiful natural sceneries, Asia boast some of the finest tourist attractions in the world that suits the needs of every travelers.

Best Time to Visit

Asia can be visited all year round. This is because it features very little weather variations throughout the year. However, it is advisable to make your hotel reservations well ahead of time with, if you will be visiting during the summer months. During this time, there are several events and festivals that hold in top destinations around Asia including Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam has a wide range of accommodation options from budget hotels to luxury hotels at affordable pricing..

Why go?

Asia presents a fine blend of different cultures and elements. You will marvel at the juxtaposition of new and old architecture and the wide range of delicious cuisine available. Experience firsthand, how it feels to live in one of the most affluent continents in the world.

Ultimate Asia Budget Travel Tips

Regardless of your budget, you can enjoy the best vacation experience ever. Here are some helpful tips to help you get the most of your trip to Asia

  1. Don’t compromise when choosing a hotel or hostel.

Asia is home to lots of beautiful accommodation featuring world class amenities and at affordable pricing. Some of these budget friendly hotels have close proximity to top attractions and sights you would love to see and experience upon visiting one of the destinations in Asia. Here you will also find different budget hotels that will likely offer amazing promotion and deals that can help you cut cost whilst ensuring you get the most of your trip. Another great way to cut down on accommodation cost while vacationing in Asia is to avoid travel during peak season. Several thousands of tourists from different parts of the world make their way to Asia at this time of the year, hence making vacation a bit unfriendly especially to budget travelers.

  1. Bargain! Shop smart

When you are on a budget travel, and would like to shop for some items, it is advisable to sharpen your bargaining skill. In Singapore, for instance, Bugis Street is a good place to shop when you are on a budget, it is Singapore’s largest shopping district and you can find anything you need, from souvenirs to shoes and bags which can all be bought at a bargain price. Better still, you can visit Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale in summer when stalls and malls offer huge discounts.

  1. Eat to your fill

There are lots of budget-friendly options in Asia when it comes to satisfying your taste bud. Food and drinks are basic necessities you can enjoy regardless of your budget. With as little as $2 you can get local cuisine from Hawker centres, food courts and Coffee shops.