5 Not-to-Miss Activities in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most famous places in Thailand. Despite having somewhat of a bad rep, it is a truly enchanting travel destination that has a lot to offer in terms of attractions and sightseeing. Most people think of it as a major party spot with lots of ladyboys, and while that is true to some extent, there’s a lot we don’t know about Thailand’s Pattaya. Visit to learn about last minute accommodations, special prices and hotels most suitable for your budget.

Hit the Walking Street in the evening

Despite what most guides say, Pattaya’s Walking Street is the most vibrant and cool street in the country. It stretches for 500 meters and there are no vehicles allowed on the street, so you’ll have a one-of-a-kind walking experience. The Walking Street is dotted with go-go bars, restaurants, nightclubs, beer bars and massage parlors. During the day it’s pretty much deserted, but when the darkness comes all the neon lights appear and hundreds of people go out to enjoy the crazy atmosphere of the Walking Street. If you’re a fan of loud music and nightlife, this is a must-see place for you.

Explore the Nong Nooch Village

This gorgeous park (that’s pronounced like ‘nung nut’) has something for everyone. It’s beautifully landscaped with dozens of gorgeous trees, trimmed fences, stunning orchids and more flower beds than you can count. Apart from over 600 species of orchids, visitors can enjoy cockfights, a trip to the zoo, Thai boxing matches and an incredibly engaging elephant show. Spend a day at the Nong Nooch Village botanical gardens if you want to enjoy some peaceful atmosphere in a natural setting.

Discover the Sanctuary of Truth

Architecture buffs will be ecstatic to visit the incredible Sanctuary of Truth, a gorgeous palace-like structure that is packed with all kinds of activities. Pegged as the ‘beauty of Heaven recreated on Earth’, this amazing structure is decorated with traditional Thai carvings and furnishings. Explore Thai culture while participating in numerous shows, going elephant trekking, and watching Thai boxing. You can also hop on a boat and explore the picturesque area all around the Sanctuary of Truth. Horseback riding is yet another attraction that is fun for both kids and adults.

Four Regions Floating Market

Thailand is famous for its floating markets and Pattaya is no exception. Experience the Thai way of shopping as you meander through this vibrant market, which is packed with all kinds of local produce. If for some reason this is not exciting enough for you, go on a tour that includes a trip to the rice fields, visits to Thai houses, boat rides and a trip to the Kite museum.

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya is not your average aquarium – this experience can become the highlight of your trip to Thailand. Here at the first modern aquarium in the country visitors can stay for the right and enjoy feeding koi fish, otters and even shark! You can also swim with whales and d some diving with sharks as well.

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