Travelling to Taiwan, the Heart of Asia

Taiwan is a small island nation located at the Pacific Ocean approximately 100 miles from china. The vast Majority of Taiwan is covered by forests, mountains, hilly country platforms, Highlands, plains and basins. Taiwan is a country blessed with abundant tourist attractions that will leave visitors amazed.  The natural forest of Taiwan along with its spectacular view of nature does enough to hold you spell bound. Popularly referred to as the “The Heart of Asia” Taiwan has unique geological features making it a favourite tourist destination to catch stunning views and explore world class attractions. The Portuguese were captivated by the beauty of the island when they first saw it in the 16th century, and subsequently named it “Formosa” (beautiful island).

Taiwan is widely known for its vast coastal and mountainous regions. Here you will find The Maolin national scenic area known for housing colorful butterflies and native houses made of Rukai stones which also presents an opportunity to relax while catching stunning views of sunrise. The Cloud Sea, a popular tourist attraction, is also known for its beautiful natural scenery, abundant fruits, lion Head Mountains and eagle spotting. The Penghu national scenic areas also presents sports lovers with a wide array of entertainment like whale spotting and scuba diving owing to its flat landscape and breathtaking view.  Most of the tourist attractions are located in Nangan, while Beigan town is well known for its stone houses and tasty fish noodles. Dongyin is popular for its beautiful rock formations and Juguang for its light houses and fishing ports.

Taiwan is home to several national parks which showcases a number of unique topographical features, like the Taroko National park, where the river creates a narrow path that cuts through a mountain. The Yu Mountains is the highest land mark in Taiwan and also the highest peak in the whole of North-east Asia while the Shei-pa National park has extremely steep slopes. Yangming Mountain National Park contains volcanic craters and lakes, while Kending National park stands out because of its beautiful tropical area. Each park is unique and has its own points that will keep tourists captivated due to its geological or cultural features.

Taiwan also offers great wild and marine life attractions too. To the eastern region of Taiwan is the Pacific Ocean, where you will find dolphins jumping out of the water. The Azure Seas also offer magnificent coral reefs. Some migratory birds also adds a lot of beauty to the already amazing scenery, including the fairy pita, black-faced spoonbill and countless other birds that come all the way to Taiwan escaping the extreme weather conditions from the tropics and cold norther areas.

Taiwan is one of the favourite tourist destination in Asia, featuring wonderful high rising mountains to the captivating view of one of nature’s best fields and birds. It is no surprise why tourists visit Taiwan in their millions to experience hospitality, stunning scenery and its rich culture. Taiwan has won the hearts of many tourists who would relish visiting again.

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