Hotels in Colombo

The biggest city and capital of Sri Lanka exudes culture which makes it perfect destination for a colorful vacation. Colombo is definitely one of the destinations of choice for people seeking a vacation with a difference. Also, bookings and reservations for a vacation in Colombo can be done in a flash when you book with offers the best deals at affordable prices as well as a fast and convenient booking process.  From luxury 5 star hotels, to affordable accommodations, we have the perfect accommodation option for you regardless of your budget. So pack up, and brace yourselves to enjoy the sun in Colombo.

The beautiful city features an elegant natural environment, beautiful architectures, breathtaking shopping avenues, museum, a variety of accommodation options and a lot of interesting sites. Some of the interesting features of Colombo which makes it a desirable spot for vacation are highlighted below.

Natural Marvels

The beautiful scenery of its environment makes Colombo top on the holiday list for lovers of nature. You can begin your sightseeing at the Dehiwala Zoo, one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia. This garden will provide an indelible experience to wildlife enthusiasts with various species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and marine creatures.

Despite being located in the heart of Colombo in the central metropolis, Beira Lake is a quiet and large body of water where tourists and the locals are seen enjoying the peaceful nature and outdoors.

Architectural Brilliance

Colombo is not only blessed with a beautiful natural environment but also with exquisite architecture that celebrate and exhibits different styles and periods in architectural development. For every tourist with an interest in design and architecture, the city is almost a haven. With a unique selection of colonial buildings which portrays various styles from British to Portuguese and Dutch.

Colombo city houses a beautiful range of Buddhist and Hindu temples and also Islamic mosques. Modern skyscrapers and historic sites such as the Old City Hall, Old Dutch Hospital and Colombo Fort all make Colombo a hot favourite.

Cultural Opulence

Flagged with a lot of educating museums and art galleries, a tour around the National museum will provide tourists with a deeper understanding of the legacy of Sri Lanka. In the entrance of the museum is found a big stone-carved Buddha which dates back to the 9th Century. A chance to explore the glorious culture of ancient Sri Lanka at the adjoining art gallery built in 1877 is given to Visitors.

The open exhibition of prehistoric swords and guns from the colonial period is worth every penny. Open from 9am to 6pm all year round, the puppet museum is attraction for both adults and children.

Colombo is one of the captivating cities of the world that exudes charm from various aspects, the biggest city and the major port of Sri Lanka makes it a center for commerce and finance. The list of things to do in Colombo is endless. Colombo has succeeded in attracting a lot of passionate travelers all over the world and is seen as one of the most commended tourist locations in the world. You can enjoy that vacation you have been dreaming of right here in Colombo.