Singapore Escape

Singapore is an interesting destination you should consider for a vacation. It is a small nation located in south East Asia, its small land mass makes travelling around easy and safe. With the recent establishment of casino driven integrated resorts and its beautiful natural sceneries, Singapore boast some of the finest tourist attractions in Asia that suits the needs of travelers of all types.

Located on the southerly part of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, sometimes called The Lion City, is a favorite spot among tourists from different parts of the world. Over the past few years, the tourism industry in Singapore has improved. The country is known to be the smallest in Southeast Asia. Presently, Singapore is currently the world’s busiest port with over 550 shipping lines. There are lots of colorful festivals celebrated in Singapore annually due to its cultural diversity. Here you will find the world’s most appetizing seafood, exciting bird-parks, amazingbeaches, and night safaris that account for a superb wildlife adventure.

Finding your ideal accommodation option has never been easier when you book with Our user friendly site makes it easy for guests to choose from a wide range of hotel choices available. If you want the best of Singapore hotels at affordable rates, then you should consider Singapore can be visited all year round. This is because ut has very little weather variations throughout the year. However, it is advisable to make your hotel reservations well ahead of time if you will be visiting from the second half of September to the first week of October. The Singapore Grand Prix (F1 Race) holds around this time and hotel lodgings are usually at its peak. The official languages are Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.

Getting Around Singapore

Getting around Singapore has never been easier with its extensive transport options including trains, taxi, and bus.

By train

Singapore has an extensive rail network system, as a MRT (Mass rapid transport) station is never far away from you. This is may be your fastest option to move around town and there are cost effective payment options if you will be using the trains frequently during your stay. Rather than buy single tickets, you can buy a Singapore Tourist Pass which is a special EZ-Link stored-value card that allows you unlimited travel for particular number of days.

By taxi

Taxis are by far one of the most convenient options of getting around in Singapore. Its major draw back is that taxis are not budget friendly. You may need taxis to get to areas that may not be accessible by bus or MRT. Taxi fares may vary depending on when and where you board the taxi.  Cabs are metered, but you should ask drivers for information on surcharges before you board.

By bus

Using a bus is a probably the cheapest means of moving around in Singapore. Just like Trains, you can use the EZ-Link stored-value card or the Singapore Tourist Pass. You can only pay in cash if you have the exact change. Most public buses in Singapore comes fully air-conditioned, so you can enjoy comfort to the fullest.

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