Amazing Holiday in Nepal

A small country bounded in the East, West and South by India and in the North by China. Constituting 0.3% of the entire land mass in Asia, Nepal is a sight to behold with its natural endowments. The country has 3 prominent national symbols which include a flower, animal and a bird known as Rhododendron, Cow, Lophophorus (Himalayan Monal) respectively.  Dhaka Topi and Daura Suruwal were initially the national dress for men, but in recent times, the cultural dresses of all ethnic groups have been adopted as the national dress.

Since it was founded, Nepal has been known as the only kingdom in the world, but ceased to be a kingdom after King Gyanendra was dethroned, hence  a secular state. Nepal has a high level of religious tolerance, and ever since its existence, there has never been a record of religious crisis. Home to over 125 ethnic groups, majority of people in Nepal follow Hinduism. Despite the fact that the country has rich resources, Nepal exports raw materials and imports finished goods, making it a country that depends on others.

Home to several top tourist destinations all around the world, a trip to Nepal will be a delight for those fascinated by nature.  Nepal is full of several natural attractions with several top activities like bush walking, jungle safari, elephant ride, hunting, white water rafting, honey hunting, bird watching and other activities. Similarly, Nepal also has something on offer for everyone including culture lovers and adventure lovers.

Locals are passionate about their culture, and they have preserved it as a means to an end especially for the Tharu community people. In a bid to protect Nepal’s territory, the legendary “Gurkhas” soldiers fought the war against the British colonialists even without having sophisticated weapons. There are three world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley namely; Kathmandu durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square, Patan durbar square. These sites, built by the Malla Kings, give visitors an insight to the rich history of Nepal.

There is a lot to learn in Nepal. Tourists who love history can learn about Lichchhivi, Malla and Shah Dynasty. They can also watch the historical monuments, inscriptions and other historical heritages. There is a general notion among the Hindus that several gods and deities dwelled in Nepal.  The famous Gautam Buddha was said to have been  born in Nepal in the 6th century BC in Lumbini. The wife of Lord Ram, known as Sita was also born here in Nepal. Pashupatinath is one of the most popular Hindu temples around the world.  On the day of Shivaratri, (known to be the birthday of Lord Shiva), Over 1 million people from around the world visit this Hindu temple on this day. Majority of these visitors are Hindus and Buddhists worshippers. Several people from India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, Thailand and other Asian tourists usually visit Nepal for the purpose of pilgrimage. The only Living Goddess in the world is found in Nepal, known as Kumari.  Mukinath is the temple that is worshipped by both the Hindus and Buddhists.

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