Myanmar Getaway

There has been so much positive change in Myanmar both politically and in terms of tourism. It could be difficult to obtain information as soon as you get inside Myanmar. However this site will provide you with information essential to make your trip to Myanmar a success.

Your fascination of the country begins just as you walk out of the Yangon’s airport. Yangon is the major gateway and commercial capital of the country. Upon arrival you will find relaxing environment with beautiful lakes, and lush tropical tree. One of the unique features of Myanmar is the countless left-hand ancient cars driven on the right side of the road. You would also come across people with gums and lips stained red which is a result of chewing betel leaves.

Although cost of accommodation is on the increase in Myanmar but it still remains affordable for tourism. Food and drinks are cheap. You could even enjoy the best fun in Myanmar with less than $40 US Dollars. But to have a little more fun you might need to spend some more. Peak season in Myanmar for tourists is usually January to February so you are advised to book early or you could go in March to avoid the hassle. For a hassle free booking experience, choose today. Save more and spend less when you book with us as we offer amazing accommodation options for a comfortable holiday in Myanmar.

Myanmar is known to have its countryside, cities, spiritual centers and architectures dominated mostly by monasteries and Buddhist temples. Another wonderful place to visit is the serene Inle Lake located in Shan state. As a result of its location in the mountains, Inle Lake offers a serene and cool atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy Mother Nature at its very best.
Mandalay, the cultural heart of Myanmar, is one part you cannot miss out on. A visit to the cultural heart of Myanmar (Mandalay) is well worth it. If all you seek is to step into the extraordinary to see unfamiliar and majestic attractions then Mandalay indeed is the place.

Mandalay offers you a combination of pre-British and pre-western way of life and this can be seen in their cultural elements on the streets as well as buildings. One of the reasons for this is because Mandalay is the pre-colonial era capital of Myanmar. It is such an exotic cultural environment.

One of the major tourist centres in Myanmar is Bagan. You should definitely not make a trip to Myanmar without visiting Bagan. Located on the banks of the Ayeyawaddy River, Bagan is known for its archaeological sites, ancient abandoned temple, rural life and sandy lanes. The best part of the trip is hiring a horse or a bike so you can explore Bagan the local way. You should also make a visit to Ngapali Beach. With its white sand beach stretching for about 3km and fringed by coconut trees, Ngapali Beach natural beauty remains unexplored to this day.

The Mrauk U is vital in religious and cultural exchange between India and Southeast Asia and for this it is referred to as Myanmar’s western world. Some other places you might want to consider when visiting Myanmar include Ngwe Saung Beach and Nay Pyl Taw.

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