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Located in the south-eastern part of the Asian continent, visitors to Malaysia are welcomed by a touching and traditional statement which reads “Selmat Datang” on arrival. Malaysia is a glamorous and buzzing country with a rich cultural heritage and technological advancement. Asides the distinct culture, Malaysia also features a mix of ancient and modern festivals, delicious delicacies and a beautiful green landscape.

Most of the visitors are drawn to The Peninsula Malaysia, owing to the diverse people, activities and cultures there. Most tourists visit Malaysia to experience a city that offers a blend of both historical and modern features. If you want to avoid the heat, head to the highland areas. For the sand and beach lovers, Lagkawi is your perfect destination. Kelantan in the eastern province presents an amazing chance to explore the Malaysian life. For tourists in search of historical knowledge, Kuala Lumpur in the western coast is the place to be.

There are a variety of hotels in Malaysia that will appeal to almost every class of people, from luxurious five-star hotels, deluxe hotels to family style and even low budget hotels. Therefore finding a place to stay while you explore the city is easy with

Malaysia’s tourism motto, “Truly Asia”, indeed is correct, as it tries to explain aptly that Malaysia is the destination to be if you truly want to experience true Asian culture. Just to point out some below:

Thousands of Beaches: This is not an exaggeration, like a kid in a candy store you would be spoilt for choices when it comes to beaches in Malaysia. From the pebble beach of Pantai Batu down to the Black sand beach of Pantai Pasir Hitam and the powdery beaches in the eastern coastline, beach lovers would surely love it in Malaysia.

The Wildlife: Malaysian authorities do just enough to make sure that the wildlife remains amazing, enjoy the adorable wildlife in Malaysia, and catch a glimpse of the Monitor Lizard, Malaysian Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros and lots more. The wildlife forest also doubles as a home to Nomadic people and medicinal herbs.

Cruises: relax in a luxurious cruise such as the Superstar Gemini and the Superstar Virgo while you enjoy a trip around the amazing attractions in an attempt to spoil you with premium comfort.

Adventurous Activities: if you are down for the adventure, then you can take part in river cruises, diving, cave exploration, white-water rafting and a lot more. Malaysia has got the appetite for your adventure.

Shopping: shopping in Malaysia is amazing and diverse, ranging from the mega malls, to the open markets and even night trading. However, to enjoy the real shopping thrill, attend the Shopping Carnival that holds annually every March and April, with clothes, accessories, gadgets, furniture and a lot more all on sale.

Cuisine: the food in Malaysia is diverse as well as delicious; generally, Malay, Indian and Chinese are the three basic types of Cuisine. Dagang, Keropk Lekor/Keping, and Laksam are some of the popular Malaysia dishes.

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