Luang Prabang

5 Wonders of the Ancient Luang Prabang

Often referred to as the ‘Jewel of Laos’, Luang Prabang offers a great variety of attractions that will satisfy even the pickiest traveler. Apart from breathtaking temples, spectacular ceremonies and staggering natural wonders, you will also find Luang Prabang to be a great place to just spend time – eat, walk around, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of an ancient city. To help you figure out the best accommodations for a long or short stay, has come up with the most up-to-date list of hotels, hostels and guesthouses that cater to all kids of travelers. Whether you are on a budget or aim for a pricier hotel, has the perfect place waiting for you.

Kuang Si Waterfall

Marvel at this huge waterfall featuring three beautiful tiers with a stunning 50-meter drop into pools with azure waters. Beautiful pools formed by the waterfall are great swimming spots that are frequented by both locals and tourists. There are trails along the cascades of the waterfall which lead to even more picturesque spots with pools to swim. Make sure you wear suitable shoes as the trails can get quite slippery.

Elephant Village Sanctuary

Elephants are one of the most magnificent creatures on Earth and you can get to them as close as possible at Luang Prabang’s Elephant Village Sanctuary. Take a one-day tour that includes mahout training, a fascinating ride through the jungle on the back of an elephant and an opportunity to bathe together. It’s the most exciting experience ever!

Mount Phousi

This 150-meter hill dominates the skyline of Luang Prabang in the most beautiful way. Take a trip to the top of the hill along with locals that head up to enjoy the most spectacular sunset (or sunrise if you don’t mind getting up early). The 360-degree-view from the top of Mount Phousi is a truly spectacular sight with gorgeous temples and more mountains shimmering in the distance. The climb will take you a few hours, but it’s not too strenuous and can become a pleasant hike.

Pak Ou Caves

Cave enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this landmark. Pak Ou Caves (translated as ‘mouth of the Ou River’) are thousands of years old. Apart from stalactites and stalagmites inside the caves you will find more than 4,000 Buddha statues along with a shrine to the spirit of the river.  The whole complex consists of two caves: Tham Ting, the lower cave, and Tham Theung, the upper cave. You will need a torch to move around the caves as there’s not enough natural lighting inside.

Wat Wisunarat

This striking temple was built more than 500 years ago during the reign of King Wisunarat. It is the oldest temple in the city and has a vibrant history of reconstructions. Originally, the temple was made of wood, but Black Haw riders burned the structure back in 1887. It was later reconstructed using stone, but you can still find some pieces that survived the fire. Sometimes the temple takes upon itself the role of Luang Prabang’s Museum of Religious Arts.

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