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Laos is a landlocked country surrounded by Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. Of all the surrounding neighbours, Laos is the least visited, but this is not down to the fact that Laos has nothing worth visiting for. One of chief reasons for Laos’s less popularity was that before the advent of air travel, seamen carry the news about new and exciting locations to people in different parts of the world. Due to the fact that Laos is a landlocked nation, the country never had the privilege of entertaining seamen due to its no sea access.

Laos is home to a powerful Buddhist tradition in Laos with plenty of temples scattered all over the country. Here you will find a significant number of monk populations.

Vientiane, a beautiful and calm city, is the capital of Laos. Due to the powerful Buddhist tradition in Laos, there are a lot of Buddhist temples featuring breathtaking architecture. One of the most significant attractions in the country is Pha That Luang. Apart from being a national symbol, Pha That Luang also plays a vital role in Laos’s rich Buddhist culture.

The number of local visitors and tourists alike in Laos has been on the rise in recent years, and the tourist areas have also witnessed significant improvements. The calm and easygoing lifestyle in Laos makes it an ideal destination for those looking for an enjoyable vacation experience.

Some tourist hotspots in Laos include the Pha That Luang which is a popular temple located close to Vientiane. Champasak which is now regarded as a World heritage site, is popular for its temples similar to those found in Cambodia. Cave diving also known as Spelunking, is also a popular activity among tourist, with the Tham Nong Pofa being one of the favourite cave driving locations discovered in 2004. Laos can be accessed easily via air travel or by land through one of its neighbouring countries.

Hotel and accommodation in Laos is also quite easy and effortless, thanks to you can make reservations for your accommodation of choice. With, you can select your preferred accommodation right ahead of time at affordable pricing

Planning on visiting Laos for your next vacation? You must be thrilled after hearing so much about the country, but hold up! You need to plan your holiday carefully. It is the difference between having a mind-blowing trip to just an OK vacation.

If you choose to visit neighbouring countries (Cambodia, Vietnam or Thailand) before or after visiting Laos, then you need to decide where to go first. It is vital that your holiday plans are well laid out to avoid situations where you find yourself spending far more time and money than initially planned.

  • Decide your routes before hand; this can help you save up on money and time.
  • Decide how to go about getting a tourist visa, which now have a one month validity period; you can get it by either visiting The Laos Embassy or in any of the embassies in Laos neighbouring countries (Vietnam, Thailand, China, Cambodia). Allow plenty of time if you chose this option.

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