Experiencing a Travel Vacation in India

India is one of the world’s best destinations to enjoy unique and pleasant vacation. There is a great diversity of about everything in India including climate, geography, people, wildlife, cuisine and language.

India is a fantastic destination for tourists; it attracts lots of adventurers who are looking for something distinct yet pleasant. Travel to India always mesmerizes its visitors, there is a huge contrast between everyday life in India and the western world. This is one of the reasons why visitors fall in love with the mystique, charms, and attractions India provides.

So what are these charms and attractions?

Firstly, India has a well-documented history that stretches back to thousands of years. The notion that its great history is reflected in its world famous monuments such as the TajMahal, to literature, dance, and music, makes travel to India a fantastic trip of historical discovery.

Secondly, India is prominent for its enormous diversity of nature, from the landscape to the wildlife; India is rich in a great collection of interesting animal life and geography. The subcontinent as it is often called has almost every type of vegetation and geographical zone ranging from snow-capped mountain ranges to dry deserts and even thick forests.

India is currently the only nation on earth where both the Lion and Tiger co-habits together in the wild, Asides the fact thart Tigers are a major attractions in India, the country is blessed with other animal and  bird species.

Furthermore, India fascinates a lot of visitors with its unique culture. A country with a population of more than one billion people, almost every religion is represented in India and over a hundred different dialects is spoken in the country; it is a broad spectrum of traditions and values, India is a fascinating country to visit.

Another reason India fascinates its visitors is the array of five-star hotels that fills the country, many of these hotels are well reputed the world all over. These hotel accommodations are prominent for their architectural designs, appeal and excellent service offered, thus enhancing a travel experience.

India is also popular for its delicacies; its cuisine has become a symbol for the country. Indian cuisine is consumed far beyond her borders; its ingredients make food appetizing leaving tourist wanting more of its awesome taste. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are both catered for adequately in India; there is an extensive collection of cuisine to choose from.

Beyond doubt, India is a great travel destination and supplementary to the attractions listed above, India is safe, features vibrant atmosphere and home to peace loving locals. All these and more make tourism in India record a shocking annual growth of over 10%.

Taking a trip to India has never been easier. If you intend to travel by air, rail or even road, India offers a wide range of transport options to cater to the needs of every traveler.

India is one of the world’s oldest living civilizations in the world with an ancient heritage of its own. India’s rich heritage is exhibited in the ruins of its ancient temples, caves, monasteries, museums, monuments, forts, and palaces, etc.

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