Exploring East Timor: The Charms of Dili

East Timor is one of the youngest countries in the world, which makes it still untarnished by tourism. This means that you get to explore authentic culture of the region, but this also means that there’s almost no infrastructure to help you along the way. Asiapacifichotels.com.au will help you find all kinds of accommodations ranging from backpacker guesthouses to luxurious hotels. You can also get the latest info on tours and various places of interest. Book in advance with Asiapacifichotels.com.au and you’ll have nothing to worry about when you arrive in Dili.

What to see

Dili is the largest city in East Timor s and there’s plenty to do and see. With its freshly cooked seafood meals and an abundance of beaches, Dili makes for a perfect vacation destination. Watch whales swim by during the mating season or explore the magical world of underwater wonders as you go scuba diving. One of the most significant attractions of Dili is the spectacular Cristo Rei. The statue of Cristo Rei de Dili is 27 meters tall and is the second largest statue of Christ in the world. It was heavily inspired by the statue of Christ the Redeemer that’s located in Rio de Janeiro. Cristo Rei is located high up on a hill and many tourists as well as locals climb hundreds of steps to enjoy the spectacular view of the city that opens once you reach the top. It’s definitely one of the most memorable experiences in Dili. Travel to Dare Memorial Café that’s located out of the city. The trip is worth your while because you’ll get t enjoy another spectacular panorama of Dili. The site itself is a memorial to East Timorese and Australian people who fought together during the WWII against the Japanese occupation. In the café you’ll find great coffee and toasties. Discover the history of East Timor as you explore the Chega! Exhibition. It focuses on the violations of human rights that took place in the country during 1974-1999. Take a guided tour around the building of the prison and listen to the heartbreaking stories of the horrible things that happened there not so long ago. One thing people don’t expect to see in Dili is a giant dinosaur. Yet, this is the very thing that greets all foreign dignitaries at the Presidential Palace. Ramos Horta, the former President of East Timor, had a team from Mongolia working on assembling a huge T-Rex in the entrance hall. Now it’s used for field trips and various educational purposes. While in Dili, make sure you try delicious local cuisine. Head to Victoria’s Restaurant to get the freshest seafood meal of the day. If you’re into cheap and yummy Indonesian food, then Mama’s Resto is the best place for you. For an international menu with various cuisines from all over the world, visit Timor Plaza. RnR Café is the go-to place if you want to get some sweets, cakes or sandwiches.

Other East Timor Cities