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East Timor, also known as Timor-Leste, is one of the lesser known destinations in Asia with plenty of incredible things to see and do. Fun filled activities such as diving, trekking, biking, exceptional mountain diving and exotic white-sand beaches as well as its amazing scenery all makes East Timor an incredible destination that shouldn’t be missed while planning your next vacation to Asia. However, tourists are often discouraged by the hostile political atmosphere which in turn leads to a high prices in East Timor.

However, tourists are beginning to unearth the gem and recognise the beauty in the country. Therefore, if you ever want to visit one of Asia’s youngest nations – which gained independence in May 2002, East Timor is your preferred choice.

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Why go

  1. Spectacular diving

East Timor has one of the most spectacular diving spot located in Atauro Island about 20 kilometres by boat from Dili Harbour. Along the way you might see school of dolphins racing alongside the water taxis in the water while sperm whales can be visible in the coast around November. The country also boasts other great dive locations,  in both east and west of Dili.

  1. Beaches you can call your own

One of the best places to enjoy great water sports activities in East Timor is Jaco Island, located in the eastern region of the country of East Timor. It is just a six hour drive from Dilli through the lush green hills and high rising coastal roads.

Here you will find a plethora of white-sand beaches near the city’s capital, one of which is the Areia Branca literally meaning  “white sands”. Another place to visit is the Dollar Beach. These beaches are usually filled with fun seekers during the weekends. If all you seek is serene beach vacation, then check out the beaches at east and west of Dili.

On the other hand, the south coast is home to an array of large saltwater crocodiles making it somewhat risky for surfing and swimming.

  1. Unspoilt scenery

Most parts of the country are dominated by mountainous regions, which despites its beautiful view requires careful driving up winding roads. Mount Ramelau is the highest point in East Timor standing at 2,963 meters. Getting to the peak of the mountain will take about 3 hours. Relax and unwind at the pousada in Maubisse. For scenic views, take an exhilarating drive to Baucau where you have easy access to lovely beaches.

  1. Calm life and silent nights

East Timor features a calm and serene atmosphere.  Typically you would find taxis moving at 20kph regardless of the empty roads. East Timor is less crowded, less hectic and offers a more relaxing vacation than any other Asian city.

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