Shanghai: A Breathtaking 72-Hour Journey

Being the China’s biggest city, Shanghai boasts a territory of 2,400 square miles and a population of 25,000 million people. Everything about Shanghai is huge, but you will also find this city to be quite elegant and mesmerizing with all the modern buildings shimmering beautifully at night and galleries featuring modern artists and unique art collections. And of course Shanghai has a truly breathtaking variety of places to spend the night. will help you find the most budget-friendly or luxurious hotel that will serve all your needs. Either on top of a splendid skyscraper or in the cultural hub of the city, will offer you the greatest variety of amazing guesthouses, hostels and hotels with unique ambience.

Things to do in Shanghai

You can spend up to 72 hours in the city without actually getting a visa. It may seem not that much at first, but you’ll be surprised just at how many things you’ll be able to see during this time period. Once you are off the plane, it’s a great idea to freshen up a bit with a 90-minute massage. There are numerous spa centers in Shanghai that will provide you with the best service, like the famous PuLi Hotel and Spa. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dozing off during the session, but you will feel rejuvenated after the massage.

Head to Jing’an Park where all the locals gather to enjoy some line dancing, Thai chi and all kinds of weird exercises. The UnTour Dumpling Delights Tour will take you to the most delicious places in Shanghai. But wherever you go, make sure you try the mouthwatering rice ball with black sesame paste at Qibao Laojie Tangyuan. It’s the most delicious thing in the world! Wander around the alleys of the vibrant Tianzifang and explore the amazing art finds, handicraft items, gorgeous souvenirs and all kinds of peculiar things that will make for great presents back at home.

Hop onto the incredible Maglev train and enjoy a magic magnetic-levitation ride. The train travels at the staggering speed of 430 km/hr., but you won’t feel a thing! It’s the smoothest ride ever. Head to Dongtai Road to get a glimpse at some outstanding antiques and other peculiarities. The Bund is also among the most visited places in the city and you should see it as well. It offers an incredible panorama of Shanghai with a cityscape of modern buildings mixed with elegant structures that remained from the 20s. It’s one of the biggest magnets for photographers from all over the world. Stop by 50 Moganshan Road and enjoy the buzzing art center of Shanghai with a wide array of modern art galleries.

Finally, relax at the Din Tai Fung restaurant and taste Shanghai’s most delicious xiaolong bao, a soup dumpling with broth and meat or crab filling.

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