Top Not-to-Miss Sights in the Magical City of Chengdu

Chengdu has been the cultural hub of China for thousands of years since 316 BC when it was under the rule of Han and Qin Dynasty. It’s always been famous for weaving of brocade and silkworm breeding, which has turned Chengdu into a vibrant trading and economic center for centuries to come. Today the city is as lively and beautiful as it was hundreds of years ago and you can roam the narrow streets of Chengdu for hours just admiring the ancient buildings. The accommodations in Chengdu are versatile and abundant. will help you navigate the numerous hotels, hostels and guesthouses that are offering their services in the city. Find the best price and location that will perfectly suit all your needs. You can also learn more about local sightseeing tours using

What to see

Panda lovers will be delighted to visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Here visitors can get close and personal with huge gorgeous-looking pandas and learn more about the species. If you want to see pandas in their natural habitat, think about traveling to Wolong Nature Reserve. Just mind that it is located more than 130 kilometers from the city of Chengdu. The Wenshu Monastery is a temple complex covering a territory of 12 acres. Among its biggest highlights is the Hall of Shuofa Tang. In it you will find 10 spectacular statues of Buddhist guardian gods made of iron and more than 100 statues of Buddhas that are centuries old. Poetry lovers and nature enthusiasts will greatly enjoy a visit to Du Fu Thatched Cottage. Dedicated to one of the most prominent poets in China, the territory of the complex covers around 24 acres and features picturesque pavilions, lush gardens, gorgeous pathways, and beautiful bridges. Another must-see Chengdu attraction is the beautiful Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque, one of the oldest and most important Muslim sites in China. Its gorgeous architecture features both Chinese and Arabic influences: it has white walls with colorful decorations and a spectacular prayer hall that’s 16 meters long. For some entertainment head to the Shufeng Sichuan Opera House. It is located in the picturesque Chengdu Cultural Park that features various sculptures and beautiful Chinese symbols like dragon carvings and stone pillars.

Where to eat

Back in 2010 Chengdu got the status of UNESCO City of Gastronomy and that’s something that doesn’t happen very often. So you can only imagine how many delicious restaurants have found home in this cultural hub of China. For a variety of Sichuanese dishes at affordable prices head to the Yang Tang’s Restaurant that’s located at Zongbei District. A Ma Tibetan Restaurant offers incredible butter tea and stampa. Yulin Chuan Chuan is a perfect place to try some of the yummiest Chengdu ‘classics’: kung pao chicken (Gong Bao Ji Ding), twice-cooked pork (Hui Guo Rou), and fragrant spicy ribs (Xiang La Pai Gu).

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