5 Most Breathtaking Attractions in Beijing

Beijing attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world with its incredible cultural, economic and historical heritage. It’s hard to underestimate the role this city has played in the history of China. It is the second biggest city in the country, outshined only by the huge and beautiful Shanghai, so apart from various attractions you will find more than enough amazing hotels that will make your stay truly memorable. will provide you with an up-to-date list of hotels that cater to various budgets. Whether you are a backpack traveler or visiting Beijing with your spouse, you will easily find the best accommodations that will suit your needs.

Tian’anmen Square

The Square of Heavenly Peace is one of the biggest inner-city squares that have ever been built. The scale of Tian’anmen Square is truly breathtaking and it also has more than a few attractions inside. Visit the spectacular obelisk, the 38-meter-tall Monument to the People’s Heroes and observe the crystal sarcophagus that is the resting place for Mao at the Chairman Mao Mausoleum.

The Imperial Palace and the Forbidden City

This 13th-century landmark is one of the most significant historical sites in China. The Imperial Palace has housed more than 20 Ming and Qing Emperors and has always remained closed to the publicity. Thus, the name ‘Forbidden City’ appeared. The Imperial Palace is surrounded by a spectacular wall that’s 10 meters high with 4 towers and a wide moat to protect the palace from intruders.

Beijing Capital Museum

Culture buffs, science geeks, and art-lovers are welcome to enjoy the spectacular Beijing Capital Museum. It’s a relatively young museum that has existed for no more than 40 years, but it has established itself as the country’s biggest museum with more than 200,000 important cultural and historical artifacts that are stored inside. Among them – ancient writings, scripts, and the enormous stele of Emperor Qian Long that weighs more than 40 tons.

Coal Hill Park

Located opposite the Forbidden City, Coal Hill Park offers a breathtaking panorama of Beijing city with outstanding views of the Imperial Palace as well as Beihai Park Lake. The manmade hill that is the foundation of the park was created in 1416 during the construction of the Imperial Palace. It was later decorated with beautiful gardens and walkways, turning into a splendid Coal Hill Park that we see today.

The Beijing Temple of Confucius

Built in 1302, the Beijing Temple of Confucius is one of the most significant temples that honor the life and work of Confucius, a great philosopher whose teachings have greatly influenced the lives and minds of Chinese people centuries go. He is still one of the most famous thinkers known not only in China, but all over the world. There’s a large terrace in front of the temple’s main hall that houses numerous celebrations commemorating Confucius.

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