Seria: Top Things You Simply Can’t Miss

Located between Kuala Belait and Tutong, Seria is a small low-density town that houses many of Brunei Shell’s installations. Being a low-key oil town, Seria doesn’t offer much in terms of attractions, but you will find a great variety of amazing places to spend the night, as well as a few interesting spots to explore like the Oil & Gas Discovery Centre. Learn about the best places to spend the night with Whether you are looking for an affordable hotel or want to spend a night at a luxurious resort, has the most up-to-date database that will help you choose the best accommodations.

Things to see in Seria

The small town of Seria is not big on cultural attractions, but there are a few places you can go during your stay there. Located about 1 km from the heart of the town, the Oil & Gas Discovery Centre is a great place to spend a few hours with your family, especially if you have kids. The center caters to the younger audience and offers a great variety of interactive displays and games related to the history of oil and gas development. Head to the Seria’s local beach and explore the Billionth Barrel Monument, which commemorates the billionth barrel of oil that’s been produced at Seria – a mark that has been reached in 1991. On the horizon you will see hundreds of oil rigs working on producing the second billion for the sultanate. Located right in the center of the town, the Seria Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Brunei. It can accommodate up to 2,000 worshipers and is still active. It’s one of the first ever mosques in Brunei that were built with stone walls. It also features 66 beautiful pillars. You will find another gorgeous mosque near the exit of the town.

Where to eat

There are more than a few great places to dine at Seria. Head to Kaizen Japanese Restaurant to enjoy some freshly-made sushi and a wide variety of Japanese dishes including sashimi, miso soup, all kinds of ramen and special green tea ice cream. At the Universal Café you will find European cuisine. It’s a great place to start the day with a breakfast made of a heartwarming toast and coffee. The café exudes the ambiance of the 50s and offers a sneak peek into the town’s gorgeous past. For some local cuisine head to C.A Mohammad and try their roti canai, goreng mamak, Indian rojak, and soto hati buyah. They also have an extensive roti menu including roti norbi, murtabak, roti tissue, and the original roti kosong. To get the best refreshing drinks in town, head to Gong Cha – the place is a heaven for tea and coffee drinkers. You can also choose your drink’s sugar level and how much ice you want in it. It’s a perfect place for a hot day.

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