Backpacking in Asia

Backpacking is definitely among the cheapest and most exciting ways to see the world. And what better place to start your journey than a fairly cheap exotic Asian country with flavorful food, juicy fruits and breathtaking landscapes? Depending on how much you are willing to spend, your journey can become more or less risk-taking. Here’s a list of Asian countries you should visit no matter what.


Eat, Pray, Love and do all kinds of other inspiring things in this exciting country. Backpacking in India is the easiest thing on Earth. Trains and buses are incredibly cheap and the hotels and hostels are abundant. Just mind that the cheaper the place you’re staying at, the fewer amenities you’ll have (like hot water). But there’s so much for you to see! From the ‘hippie’ state of Goa in the south to the breathtaking Himalayas in the north, India has everything a backpacker might dream about.


If you want exotic, but safe and fairly cheap, then Thailand is your go-to place. This tropical land boasts rich culture, delicious fruits, spicy cuisine and hundreds of spectacular islands for you to explore. Diving, swimming, surfing or plain old sunbathing are all great here. If you are into big cities, then Bangkok will become a real heaven for you with all its skyscrapers and malls. Drink iced tea, visit Buddhist temples and hop between the picturesque islands of Thailand.


With vibrant culture and more than 16,000 of islands to explore, Indonesia is a perfect country for backpacking alone or with a group of friends. Do some yoga on the Sumba Island, explore the misty Sumatra, dive into the lively atmosphere of Jakarta city on Java, or enjoy some diving, snorkeling and surfing on Bali. The island’s historic city of Ubud is also among the must-visit cities in Indonesia.


If you want to visit the Himalayas, enjoy the exotic Asian culture and dive into the ancient Buddhist/Hindu culture, then Nepal is your best choice. This country draws thousands of backpackers with its great choice of accommodation, yummy food and lots of picturesque trails that will take you high up into the mountains. Go to the Annapurna Base Camp or to the slightly more dangerous Everest trail. You can also just stay at the picturesque town of Pokhara and enjoy the fresh air and mountain views – this is something you won’t find in Kathmandu.


This country has everything you might need for a great jоurney –  stretches of beautiful coastline, spectacular landscapes, gorgeous cities and pretty decent coffee. Travel the country via trains, eat yummy noodle soup at local eateries and cross roads like there are no traffic rules at all. If you get tired of traveling and want to just soak in the sun, head to the Jungle Beach. It’s a perfect getaway! Visit the world famous Ha Long Bay, the ancient town of Hoi An, and the equally ancient My Son Sanctuary. The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne are also beyond spectacular.